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FNP vs. DNP:决定性比较

护理领袖在医疗保健的各个方面都很受欢迎. 初级保健提供者短缺, an aging population 而且 the complex healthcare system all put a premium on advanced nursing roles. 当你观察就业增长预测时,这个事实是显而易见的. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) will grow by 45% by 2030.

好好利用这些机会, nurses must underst而且 the different career options for nursing leaders 而且 the advanced degrees that will help accelerate their careers. 一个常见的比较是FNP和. DNP的.

This article will clarify the differences between these two credentials 而且 serve as a helpful resource for deciding which path is right for your career goals.

FNP vs. DNP:主要的区别是什么? 

FNP是家庭护士执业医师的缩写, which is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with educational 而且 clinical training focused on family practice. 护士护士履行初级保健提供者的职责, either independently or under the supervision of a doctor for patients at all life stages. 

另一方面,DNP是护理实践博士, which is the practitioner-focused terminal degree in nursing 而且 is awarded by a higher education institution. The DNP degree is designed for nursing leaders who want to learn 而且 practice at the highest levels. DNP可以被称为医生, but it's important to remember that a doctor of nursing practice is not the same as a Medical Doctor (MD).

FNP和DNP是两种不同类型的凭证, 所以有时候很难对它们进行一对一的比较. One of the best ways to compare these two options is to look at the steps required to earn each designation.

FNP vs. DNP:要达到的要求是什么?

每个名称都有独特的要求. 让威尼斯人APP探讨一下FNP的具体要求, 从教育到执照, 然后比较获得DNP学位的要求.


成为FNP, 你至少需要护理学硕士学位, FNP认证和高级执业注册护士(APRN)执照. 以下是这些步骤的每个要求.

1. 获得M.S. 护理学-家庭执业护士(msn - fn).

最适合FNP职业的硕士学位课程是MSN-FNP. 在MSN-FNP程序中, individuals gain the knowledge 而且 clinical skills necessary to assess 而且 manage common acute 而且 chronic illnesses, as well as promote healthy behaviors 而且 disease prevention for individuals throughout their lives.

常见的MSN-FNP毕业要求 & 时间包括: 

  • 成功完成41学时
  • 保持最低绩点3分.0
  • 完成居住要求
  • 27个月完成

Alternatively, an aspiring FNP could earn a DNP to meet the educational requirement to become an FNP.

2. 获得FNP认证

There are two different organizations that offer certifications for NPs—the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) 而且 the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). You must check with your state board of nursing to see which certifying bodies are recognized. 这些认证是等同的——没有一个被认为优于另一个.

认证家庭护士执业医师的两个主要头衔是FNP-C, 由AANP提供, 和FNP-BC, 由ANCC提供. 让威尼斯人APP看看获得这些证书的要求.

FNP-C认证要求 & 资格

  • 获得认可的硕士、博士或研究生NP项目的毕业生
  • 完成APRN的核心课程:高级药理学, 生理和高级健康评估
  • 完成至少500个临床小时的监督直接病人护理
  • 有效的你.S. 或加拿大注册护士执照
  • 费用:AANP会员:240美元,非会员:315美元

FNP-BC认证要求 & 资格

  • 有效的RN许可证
  • 完成家庭医学专业硕士或博士课程
  • 完成至少500小时的监督临床时数
  • 完成高级药理学、生理学和健康评估
  • 费用:会员295美元,非会员395美元

3. 申请您所在州的APRN License

After meeting the requirements for education 而且 certification (if applicable in your state), 有抱负的理财机构必须在其经营状态下完成牌照申请. 申请因州而异, 但通常包括申请费, 社会保险号, 大学成绩单, 认证证明和有效的注册护士执照.

获得博士学位既具有挑战性又有回报,但你知道真正的期望是什么吗? 下载这个免费指南的提示和见解,以帮助你准备成功s


来获得DNP, you must meet the requirements for successful completion of a DNP program from a higher education university.

普通DNP毕业要求 & 时机

  • 成功完成53学时
  • 保持最低绩点3分.0
  • 完成DNP学术项目
  • 在3年内获得学位

A DNP who wants to work as a nurse practitioner who focuses on family practice will also need to complete the steps above to become a certified FNP 而且 licensed APRN. 然而, the career paths for DNP graduates offer more flexibility beyond nurse practitioner roles.

FNP vs. DNP:可能的职业道路是什么? 

适合有兴趣从事家庭医生职业的护士, 这两种职业道路可能有明确的重叠. 然而, a DNP can also open the door to top nursing leadership positions outside of direct patient care. 让威尼斯人APP深入研究这两条路径的轨迹.


Nursing professionals seeking to become an FNP have a passion for providing patient care to individuals 而且 families at every stage of life. Many choose this path because they want more autonomy in determining patient care plans, 包括开处方治疗吗, 安排检查和诊断病人.


  • 私人诊所: 取决于州的不同, FNPs可能能够独立工作并拥有自己的业务, 或者他们可能被要求在医生的监督下行医. FNPs who want to build long-term relationships with patients often work in private practice.
  • 社区卫生中心: 为那些想要改善医疗服务的新生儿提供服务, 在社区卫生中心工作可以帮助扩大贫困地区的医疗服务.
  • 紧急护理: FNPs at urgent care clinics fill a critical need for patients who need immediate medical care 而且 their primary physician isn't available or equipped to h而且le their specific injury or illness. 


dnp可以选择从事FNP的职业, 但他们也为广泛的护理领导职位做好了准备. DNP可以在医疗保健行业的许多功能中发挥作用,包括:

  • 临床领导能力:适合有兴趣在临床环境中担任领导职务的FNPs, DNP可以提供批判性思维, 解决问题和研究的能力,使他们的职业生涯更上一层楼.
  • 医疗保健管理: 从医院到长期护理机构和大型团体医疗实践, dnp有资格担任行政领导角色, 比如董事, 副总裁或c级职位.
  • 医疗咨询: 由于DNP项目以学术和研究为重点的性质, 医疗保健顾问的职业可能是一个天然的适合. 作为顾问, DNPs can bring their analysis 而且 communication skills to helping healthcare organizations operate more efficiently, 同时提供优质的病人护理.
  • 护理教育领导: 程序 chairs 而且 nursing college deans often come from DNP backgrounds due to their high-level of educational attainment 而且 familiarity with the higher education environment. 
  • 政府: 医疗卫生机构, 比如疾控中心, 食品及药物管理局, 卫生与公众服务部, VA 而且 others all view DNP-level education favorably when considering nurses for leadership roles.

FNP vs. 谁赚得更多? 

Comparing salary 而且 earning potential between the FNP 而且 DNP can be difficult because these credentials are not directly related. 让威尼斯人APP来看看两种比较薪资期望的方法.

当比较所有职位时,DNP毕业生比读过msn的护士挣得多. 获得了护理学的终极学位, regardless of the career path you choose, provides long-term value for earnings potential. 

总的来说, 成为高级执业注册护士, 例如FNP, 这是护理专业人员更赚钱的职业道路之一吗. 

dnp准备的FNPs可能赚得稍微多一点, but the true value of a DNP lies in the potential to enter the top levels of nursing leadership. DNPs are prepared for a variety of leadership roles that dem而且 high salaries 而且 prefer c而且idates with doctorates

FNP vs. DNP:哪个在行业中有更好的声誉?

根据美国护理学院协会的说法, shifting dem而且s in healthcare have increased the dem而且 for higher levels of education for nursing professionals. 

While an MSN will meet the qualifications to work as an FNP at most health care organizations, DNP可以增加你在就业市场上的竞争优势. A DNP degree will also give you the opportunity to take on a leadership position within your organization, 而MSN-FNP可能不会.

MSN-FNP值得吗? 追求这条路的5个理由

通过获得MSN的方式成为FNP有明显的优势. 它也会让你走上一条更具体的职业道路, 所以在做决定的时候一定要评估你的长期目标. 

需要帮助决定? 以下是选择赚取MSN-FNP的五大原因.

1. 你想成为一个 越快越好. 如果你已经有了MSN, a 研究生FNP证书 能否进一步加速这一过程.

2. 你有信心 成为一名FNP是你最终的职业目标.

3. 你想要的 行医时更有自主权 和你的病人建立牢固的关系.

4. 你想要提供 对不同人群的循证护理 跨越年龄范围.

5. 你想专注于你的教育和职业 促进高质量、有效、以病人为中心的护理.

放弃值得吗? 追求这条路的5个理由

获得DNP是一生的成就. 这需要时间和投入, 它可以提供大量的机会, 在你的职业生涯中,工作稳定性和认可度. 

你怎么知道这条路是否适合你? 让威尼斯人APP来看看获得DNP的五大理由.

1. 你想要用学术的方法来提升你的能力 护理学科.

2. 你想要 在最高层领导下运作 在护理专业内.

3. 你想要 为你的职业生涯和角色打开大门,而不是被孤立在一条道路上.

4. 你想要 赢得同行和雇主的尊重, 而且 gain the personal satisfaction of earning the profession’s highest clinical credential.

5. 你感兴趣的是 顶尖大学的领导机会.


FNP和DNP职业道路都有好处, 每一项都可以为你的护理事业打下长期而富有成效的基础. 

如果你有兴趣了解更多, 威尼斯人APP提供转学优惠, 在MSN和DNP层面加速在线课程. Franklin’s programs offer industry-leading curriculum taught by experienced professionals to meet the needs of today’s complex healthcare l而且scape. 

探索威尼斯人APP的 MSN-FNP,研究生 FNP证书 而且 DNP-FNP 项目,以及额外的重点领域为双方 MSN度 而且 DNP度.

Discover common pitfalls 而且 the 5 key metrics that will help you finish your doctorate degree.