Jazzercise of Roanoke

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Jazzercise Home Page

The Problem: This Jazzercise franchise needed a complete site make-over. Vital information was getting ‘buried’ deep in her existing site or lost on a sidebar. The owner wanted a better way to showcase upcoming promotions and special events and a low-overhead eCommerce solution for selling shoes.

Our Solution: We designed this slick custom WordPress theme which includes a highlighted ‘features’ area on the homepage and an integrated Google calendar feed for the homepage Class Schedule. We added a Store page where our client can begin to fulfill her eCommerce ambitions, and, of course, all site content can be controlled by our client through the WordPress Admin interface.
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NE Tarrant Tea Party

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NETTP Home Page

The Problem: This Tea Party group is passionate about it’s message but needed a way to communicate that message directly to members without resorting to an endless stream of direct emails. They are continually publishing ‘up-to-the moment’ status updates on key voter issues and upcoming events. They also needed a way to easily publish photos from past rallies and group meetings.

Our Solution: We developed this custom WordPress theme that includes a ‘features’ area in the header where leaders can post quick text messages about key issues. The messages automatically cycle and allow the user to click through to a complete post on the subject. We also integrated an ajax-based Flickr photo feed on the sidebar and Photos page and added a customized US Debt Clock which can be ‘set’ periodically via the WordPress interface.
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Educhieve Web Site

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Educhieve Home Page

The Problem: Educhieve’s web requirements are like those of most small businesses: they need a way to present their products and services effectively and to control their message. For years they had been hampered by a static html site that was always obsolete because it was too difficult to update.

Our Solution: We developed this custom WordPress theme with a ‘features’ screen on the homepage where our client can highlight key products and services. And, because it’s built on WordPress, management can update all site content through the Admin interface.
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Tex-Art Kiosk Interface

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TexArt Kiosk Home Screen

The Problem: During times of peak customer demand, the Service Desk at Tex-Art Stone can get backed up as sales associates hustle to fulfill customer orders. Often a customer will just need some basic information about product offerings, pricing & availability, or installation tips. Management wanted a way for customers to browse their complete Catalog and possibly create a ‘Pick List’ of items to streamline work for their sales staff.

Our Solution: We built a touch-screen interface for Tex-Art’s existing FileMaker catalog production system. Customers (even ones with burly hands) can perform quick searches by product category, vendor name, product line, or part/UPC number. They can review up-to-the moment pricing and inventory info and then optionally add it to their ‘cart’ for later purchase. Detailed product information, including installation instructions and high-res photos, can also be reviewed and printed.
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TexArt Catalog Production System

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TexArt Catalog DB Home Screen

The Problem: As a landscaping supply company, Tex-Art Stone offers a broad range of products to it’s clientele. Publishing a complete catalog is daunting and also wasteful. Most customers specialize in one or more area (i.e. masonry, lawn care, etc) and don’t have a need to review the entire line of products. Management needed a way to quickly generate highly customized catalogs and print them for a specific group of customers.

Our Solution: We developed a turn-key FileMaker-based application that provides a complete set of tools for printing custom catalogs. Our solution includes an Image Library, a print Groupings system, and a Catalog Creation tool that allows catalog contents to be controlled at a ‘fine grain’ level. We also added a built-in tool for generating photo ‘montages’ like this:

This tool allows the user to select existing photos from the Image Library and assemble them into a single photo montage. The individual photos can be scaled, rotated, and nudged to create a pleasing arrangement. Letter designations (i.e. ‘A, B, C…’) can then be added to each photo so that readers know which photo corresponds to which item in the product Grouping. The final image is stored as a single .jpeg file in the Image Library. And our client can do all of this without leaving Filemaker Pro or having to learn a complex photo editing program.
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