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Tex-Art Kiosk Interface

Posted in: FileMaker Solutions, Projects by John on January 17, 2010

TexArt Kiosk Home Screen

The Problem: During times of peak customer demand, the Service Desk at Tex-Art Stone can get backed up as sales associates hustle to fulfill customer orders. Often a customer will just need some basic information about product offerings, pricing & availability, or installation tips. Management wanted a way for customers to browse their complete Catalog and possibly create a ‘Pick List’ of items to streamline work for their sales staff.

Our Solution: We built a touch-screen interface for Tex-Art’s existing FileMaker catalog production system. Customers (even ones with burly hands) can perform quick searches by product category, vendor name, product line, or part/UPC number. They can review up-to-the moment pricing and inventory info and then optionally add it to their ‘cart’ for later purchase. Detailed product information, including installation instructions and high-res photos, can also be reviewed and printed.

TexArt Kiosk Home Screen
TexArt Kiosk Search Screen
TexArt Kiosk Cart
TexArt Kiosk Keyboard