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TexArt Catalog Production System

Posted in: FileMaker Solutions, Projects by John on January 17, 2010

TexArt Catalog DB Home Screen

The Problem: As a landscaping supply company, Tex-Art Stone offers a broad range of products to it’s clientele. Publishing a complete catalog is daunting and also wasteful. Most customers specialize in one or more area (i.e. masonry, lawn care, etc) and don’t have a need to review the entire line of products. Management needed a way to quickly generate highly customized catalogs and print them for a specific group of customers.

Our Solution: We developed a turn-key FileMaker-based application that provides a complete set of tools for printing custom catalogs. Our solution includes an Image Library, a print Groupings system, and a Catalog Creation tool that allows catalog contents to be controlled at a ‘fine grain’ level. We also added a built-in tool for generating photo ‘montages’ like this:

This tool allows the user to select existing photos from the Image Library and assemble them into a single photo montage. The individual photos can be scaled, rotated, and nudged to create a pleasing arrangement. Letter designations (i.e. ‘A, B, C…’) can then be added to each photo so that readers know which photo corresponds to which item in the product Grouping. The final image is stored as a single .jpeg file in the Image Library. And our client can do all of this without leaving Filemaker Pro or having to learn a complex photo editing program.

TexArt Catalog DB Home Screen
TexArt Catalog DB Cat Alignment Screen
TexArt Catalog DB Item Listing Screen
TexArt Catalog DB Item Entry Screen
TexArt Catalog DB Image Entry Screen
TexArt Catalog DB Montage Screen