NE Tarrant Tea Party

Posted in: Projects, Wordpress Sites by John on March 17, 2010

NETTP Home Page

The Problem: This Tea Party group is passionate about it’s message but needed a way to communicate that message directly to members without resorting to an endless stream of direct emails. They are continually publishing ‘up-to-the moment’ status updates on key voter issues and upcoming events. They also needed a way to easily publish photos from past rallies and group meetings.

Our Solution: We developed this custom WordPress theme that includes a ‘features’ area in the header where leaders can post quick text messages about key issues. The messages automatically cycle and allow the user to click through to a complete post on the subject. We also integrated an ajax-based Flickr photo feed on the sidebar and Photos page and added a customized US Debt Clock which can be ‘set’ periodically via the WordPress interface.

NETTP Home Page
NETTP Photo Page